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Stocks & Inventory Management Software.

Inventory Management Software - Seagull Inventory

Stocks & Inventory Management Software.

Seagull-Inventory is web-based software with multi-user, multi-locations and for multi-company activities. For godowns (warehouses) and branch offices in different locations and in different cities, this is ideally suitable.

This is a web based, multi user tool and is hosted on customer’s server. Individual user access through login id and password will help you users in managing the content from anywhere.

Access to various users can be managed as per requirement through Access Control Master.

Inventory Management.

Various Masters (like Material Master, Product Master etc.) help define structure and outline of the software. Incoming material is added into stock after quality check document, and can be issued against requirements. Balance stock is shown with value. Stock movement report, and min-max level alerts are important reports.

Assets Management.

Record of various assets of a business is maintained along with their location, user details, purchase data, AMC, insurance and also disposal records.

Salient Features of Seagull-Inventory:

Employee Master

to record all Users with their details and Username-Passwords .

Material Master

for adding information of all material including Barcode.

Material Input

to provide for uploading stocks (a) bulk quantities by excel sheet or (b) manually individual items .

Material Issue

to provide for Issue of stocks (a) bulk quantities by excel sheet or (b) manually individual items .

Inventory/Stock list

to show available stock with filters – product group-wise, age-wise, bin/location-wise, department-wise, with value .


stock report, Inward quantity report, Issued quantities report. All reports can be exported to Excel file for printing or other use.

Assets Management

Record of all company assets, their location, present user and other details like AMC, Insurance, disposal etc.


Material records and data-entry will be compatible for using Barcode scanner.

The software is web-based, suitable for multi-users and will be hosted on Customer’s server. Every user will have Username and Password and they can access the software from anywhere where a computer with internet is available.

Seagull-Inventory Features

Company Master (Max 2) Yes
Multi-locations (Max 2) Yes
Employee Master Yes Yes
Product Master Yes
Material Master Yes Yes
End Status Master Yes
Access Control Master Yes Yes
BoM Yes
Work Order (Sales) Yes
GRN-Product Yes
GRN-Material Yes Yes
Material Return Yes Yes
Stock Yes Yes
Material Requisition Yes Yes
Delivery Challan Yes
Issue Slip Yes Yes
Notification - Alerts Yes Yes
Notification - Emails Yes

Prices information

Inventory Management Software Seagull-Inventory(Standard) 59,750 995
Inventory Management Software Seagull-Inventory(Premium) 98,750 1,650

Prices for Add-on Features (Optional)

Multi-company (Per Each) Company Master to add more companies 7,500 125
Accounts Sales Purchase Bills, payments, ledger 45,500 750
Email Alerts Generate Email Alerts of additions/changes 11,250 200
Multi-locations (Per Location) To show stocks in different locations/Stores 11,250 200
Multi-Currency (Per Each) To show stocks in different locations/Stores 7,250 125
Assets Management Assets Record Management,AMC Exetra Records . 18,750 325


  • Prices in Indian Rupees (INR) are basic prices.
  • Prices mentioned in US Dollars (USD) are indicative and will vary as per exchange rate on the date of transaction.
  • Prices are for the software to be installed on your hosting space.
  • Charges for sub-domain name and hosting space rental are to your account.
  • Set-up and installation charges are extra.
  • Taxes extra as applicable.
  • Prices are subject to change.

System requirements

  • Windows platform with ASP.Net support version 3.5 or higher .
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher.
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or higher .
  • Space Requirement
    • For software: 100 MB Minimum
    • For database: 200 MB Minimum

To try this software for one week free of cost and without any obligation, please proceed with below tab. You will need to create your account to get a user name and password. You can then log in with these details and create your various records and masters and check the various features.