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Your Project Planning, Review, Cost Monitoring and Status Reports tool.

Project Monitoring Software - Seagull Projects

Your Project Planning, Review, Cost Monitoring and Status Reports tool.

Everyday there are numerous complex projects going on like building a Power Generating Plant, a office building, a bridge, a dam or launching a satellite. These projects are high in complexity and need to be monitored to avoid any errors. Constant updation on the project progress status is must to achieve the final end result.

Similarly, activities like achieving automation of a production process, organizing an event, or activities of Architects, System Integrators, Project Contractors, Project Consultants, have similar parallel activities that need to be monitored and coordinated and checked for progress against planning.

With the help of Seagull-Projects you can now easily monitor and update status of every project employee -wise or activity-wise. This will make your project monitoring effective.

Salient Features of Seagull-Projects:


Make a proper planning of any project.

Assign project

Assign project Manager, and employees under him.


Assign costs/expenses- for each stage & for total project.

Time schedule

Make time schedule & its detailed stages of completion.

Allocate manpower

Allocate manpower & raw material required for each stage.

Equipments and machinery

Provide for equipments and machinery

Daily progress reports

See daily progress reports/status of all parameters.

Delays & deviations

Know in advance of any delays &

Expenses against planning

Review expenses against

Cost over-runs

Check on cost over-runs.

Tailored to your needs

Seagull-Projects can be tailored to your organisation with your company name and logo appearing on top Besides, this software can be installed on your server, and people can fill in daily reports through their laptops or from smartphones. Hence reporting is very quick and efficient. For those, who do not have their own website to host this software, this can be arranged by us from our web server.

This product can be customized for your company. You can easily update your company logo and name for your branding. Also these can be easily configured with your web server so that your team can update daily reports while on the move.

Free Trial

You can take a free trial I demonstration of Seagull-Projects for one week to see its suitability and utility for your project work. Any data you create will be seen only by you and your respective team and is not accessible to other outside people. Similarly, in case you wish to buy this software after one week, all data generated I created will be available to you. So there is no rework or loss of data in any way.

"Seagull-Projects is useful for all project types, be it a building/bridge/dam construction, factory set up, product/equipment manufacturing, plant installation, software development project, management development programme or any other similar project. We assure you that with Seagull-Projects, you will be able to monitor the project work very effectively and efficiently."


Seagull-Projects  is available in Two versions: Standard and Premium. Compare the features of them as below:

User-friendly Features Dashboard for list of projects with details of each project Yes Yes
Graphical status for each project. Yes
Area Master Area master with pre-defined structure. Yes
Customers Details Clients information with contact details. Yes
Project Planning & Monitoring Project Master with details of a project. Yes Yes
Planning sheet to show detailed project planning. Yes
Add Project Activities and Stages. Yes Yes
Add Tasks for each project. Yes
Daily Reports of each employee on each project. Yes
Feedback from Employee about any bottleneckst. Yes
Supply Order Monitoring To monitor status of orders placed on principals against a specific project. Yes
Employee details Employee-master to list all employees Yes Yes
Leaves, holidays and attendance Yes
Allowances & Expenses submission Yes
Reports Employee-wise and Project-wise reports with daily status and % of completion of a project Yes Yes
Stock List of material stock and issue with details. Yes

Prices information

Project Monitoring Solutions Seagull-Projects (Strandard) 55,750 925
Project Monitoring Solutions Seagull-Projects (Premiuim) 85,750 1,425

Prices for Add-on Features (Optional)

Multi-Company Company Master to add more companies 11,250 200
Email Alerts Generate Email Alerts of Additions/Changes 11,250 200


  • Prices in Indian Rupees (INR) are basic prices.
  • Prices mentioned in US Dollars (USD) are indicative and will vary as per exchange rate on the date of transaction.
  • Prices are for the software to be installed on your hosting space.
  • Charges for sub-domain name and hosting space rental are to your account.
  • Set-up and installation charges are extra.
  • Taxes extra as applicable.
  • Prices are subject to change.

System requirements

  • Windows platform with ASP.Net support version 3.5 or higher .
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher.
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or higher .
  • Space Requirement
    • For software: 100 MB Minimum
    • For database: 200 MB Minimum

To try this software for one week free of cost and without any obligation, please proceed with below tab. You will need to create your account to get a user name and password. You can then log in with these details and create your various records and masters and check the various features.