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Vasudha IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VITS) is a Vasudhagroup Company, engaged into software developments, since January 2010. VITS develops various kinds of softwares including websites, portals, accounting softwares, project softwares, CRM softwares, and various customised software solutions.

enefinder online directory VITS has already developed its own Online B2B portal – ENEFINDER ( www.enefinder.com ) which is for promotion of products and sourcing as well as for brand promotion for the field of industrial electrical, electronics and automation. Within a short span, ENEFINDER has already reached many countries in the world. Over 90% of its visitors and members are from the field of Energy and Power.

Software Solutions:

VITS has also launched some software products for service of Industry and will have many such products to roll on during the years to come.

Project Monitoring Solutions Project Monitoring Solutions

Seagull-Projects is another product of VITS which is very useful for people undertaking different kinds of projects. It gives present status of various projects, with resources planning, allocation, expenses, and progress against planning.

Field Service Monitoring Solutions
Field Service Monitoring Solutions

Seagull-Service is a tool to monitor, record, attend and analyse product complaints from field. Complaints can be registered online and transferred to concerned service engineer to attend and report back. This ensures timely complaints redressal, product failure analysis and customer satisfaction measurement.
Seagull Servicing Monitor

Billing and Inventory Software

A very detailed & sophisticated ERP is not affordable for small businesses. Besides, their needs of business automation are also limited. They need their stocks monitored, purchases and sales recorded with invoices and pending payments list to give alerts. Seagull BillMaster exactly does this at a very affordable price.

Sales Monitor
Sales Monitoring Solutions

Seagull-Salesis one such product which addresses the need of travelling sales personnel for reporting and monitoring the customers. It is very easy, quick and convenient for sending reports, and gives at-a-glance information about customers, leads, present status of enquiries, targets and achievements, and overall sales performance.

Sales Monitor

Seagull-Taskmaster is an Automated Time Sheet Management for various tasks and projects of clients and employees working on them. If the present system of tracking progress of various clients and their projects/tasks and also working of employees, is based on excel sheet, it is time to have a look at this automated system, which is specially designed for the Chartered Accountants’ business.Seagull-Taskmaster can be used to log all progress of work for each customer and his projects and tasks. This gives date-wise and project-wise records of each client with facility to generate invoices for tasks completed.

Seagull ERP Master
Seagull ERP Solutions
Any business process is already complicated. Bigger the business, more are the complications. Various processes flow from one point to another.

Business process automation through softwares not only adds accuracy, speed and efficiency, but also eliminates possibilities of human errors. This automation is coined as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), where all resources of a business are defined and linked together with specific processes and planning.

Website Developments

In addition, VITS has also built websites for various customers, for a Electrical Magazine, for a financial services firm, for agents of medical equipments, for a distributor of pumps and motors etc. VITS has plans and programmes to develop and introduce different kinds unique software solutions for adding value to wealth creation by industries.

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