Billing and Inventory Management Software

Seagull BillMaster

Billing, Inventory & Orders Monitoring software.

Seagull - BillMaster

Billing, Inventory & Orders Monitoring software.

A small business might not need a very detailed and sophisticated ERP solution as they have limited resources. Also the need of automation in such cases is minimum and pretty basic.

Seagull BillMaster helps business monitor the stock, maintain the inventory, purchase and sales record, with invoices and sales records and giving pending payment alerts.

Seagull BillMaster is a cost effective solution for you to maintain all your business records.

  • Products/Services

  • Delivery Challan (or similar) to trigger invoice

  • Payments Received

  • Forms received

  • Stocks Purchases

  • Outputs
  • Invoices – Generate Invoice/PI, preview, send PDF to customer by email and copy for office, revision or

  • Invoice Register –(a) Pending for Payment, (b) Paid Invoices (c) periodic – date-wise, monthly, yearly,

  • Tax payments alerts

  • Stocks Report

  • Purchase Orders (pending or incomplete, period-wise, Principle-wise, Product-wise)

  • Supply Orders (pending or incomplete, period-wise, Customer-wise, Product-wise)

  • Principle Report (Purchase Orders, Invoices, TOD, Commission, Taxes

  • Customer Report (Orders, Bills, forms/Taxes, Commission)

  • Pending Challans (not yet billed)

  • Profitability Report (Period-wise, product-wise, Principle-wise)

  • Commission Report

  • Trading Report (Stock, Purchases, Sales, Payables, Receivables)

  • Tax Statement (for GST)

Seagull-BillMaster is a software for small businesses like Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Agents, small size manufacturers and similar services to manage their business through software, more efficiently.

Basic elements of the software are as below

Area Master

Principle Master

Employee Master

Customer Master

Product Master

Tax Master

Tracking Master

Payment Terms

Purchase Master

Sales Master

Marketing Expenses Master

Stocks Master

Seagull BillMaster Features

Seagull BillMaster comes in two versions: (a) Standard and (b) Premium.

The features described Above are divided between the two on following lines.

Employee Master Yes Yes
Payment Terms Master Yes Yes
Forms Master Yes
Customer Master Yes Yes Yes
Tax Master Yes Yes
Product Master Yes Yes Yes Yes
Material Master Yes Yes
Supplier Master Yes Yes
End Status Master Yes Yes
Access Control Master Yes Yes
BoM Yes Yes
Purchase Order Yes
GRN-Product Yes Yes
GRN-Material Yes Yes
Stock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quotation Yes
Supply Order Yes
Delivery Challan Yes
Issue Slip Yes Yes
Invoice Yes Yes Yes
Invoice Register (Sales) Yes Yes Yes
Proforma Invoice Yes Yes
Supplier Bills (Purchases) Yes Yes
Debit/Credit Notes Yes
Tax Statements Yes Yes
Expenses (Employees) Yes
Payments Made Yes Yes
Payments Received Yes Yes
Employees Payments Yes
Forms Received Yes Yes
Supplier Ledger Yes Yes
Customer Ledger Yes Yes
Employee Ledger Yes
Notification - Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notification - Emails Yes

Prices information

Billing Software Seagull – Bill Master 12,500 225
Billing & Inventory Software (Standard) Seagull – Bill Master (Standard) 26,750 475
Billing & Inventory Software (Premium) Seagull – Bill Master (Premium) 45,750 750

Prices for Add-on Features

Multi-company Company Master to add more companies 5,000 75
Email Alerts Generate Email Alerts of additions/changes 7,500 125
Set up & Hosting Set up, Configuration & Hosting Services 5,000 75


  • Prices in Indian Rupees (INR) are basic prices.
  • Prices mentioned in US Dollars (USD) are indicative and will vary as per exchange rate on the date of transaction.
  • Prices are for the software to be installed on your hosting space.
  • Charges for sub-domain name and hosting space rental are to your account.
  • Set-up and installation charges are extra.
  • Taxes extra as applicable.
  • Prices are subject to change.

System requirements

  • Windows platform with ASP.Net support version 3.5 or higher .
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher.
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or higher .
  • Space Requirement
    • For software: 100 MB Minimum
    • For database: 100 MB Minimum

To try this software for one week free of cost and without any obligation, please proceed with below tab. You will need to create your account to get a user name and password. You can then log in with these details and create your various records and masters and check the various features.