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About Us Heading

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Vasudha IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VITS) is a part of Vasudhagroup, started in January 2010. VITS is engged into software development activities and its first product is ENEFINDER (www.enefinder.com). VITS also has developed and launched business websites for its customers, and also have developed some software packages for sale.

VITS is promoted by experienced people in this industry, like:

Mr. K. W. Kekane – Managing Director of Vasudha Switch Control Gear Pvt. Ltd. and with over 25 years of experience of marketing in India and abroad.

Mr. Rajesh Phadke – Managing Director of Unicus Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and a Chartered Accountant by profession with experience and expertise in finance and accounting fields.

Over a period, VITS has added some more directors while some have opted out (like Mr. Avinash Shaligram) due to their pre-occupation with other activities.

VITS will continue to expand its activities in this field with more professional approach and with a mission of offering software solutions to industry for its benefit and for improving productivity.