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ENEFINDER is the first product developed and launched by Vasudha IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,(VITS) in January 2010. ENEFINDER is a unique B2B portal for Promotion of brands and products as well as services in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Automation.

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ENEFINDER has all basic features as required for any B2B portal. With free membership and free products upload, one can also contact the suppliers directly, upload his vacancies/jobs, upload technical articles and also any RFQs or tenders.

A member can upload any number of products with photographs, and also services with details.

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ENEFINDER has some exclusive features unparalleled elsewhere on such portals. There is a separate section for Dealers/Agents so that a buyer can find a supplier very conveniently. Comparison of products on technical and commercial parameters is another unique feature of ENEFINDER. A true Business networking platform is also available for members, which is not available elsewhere. Similarly a section for ‘Excess/Surplus Inventory’ is equally unique feature of ENEFINDER.

ENEFINDER is an excellent platform for all people related to Energy and Power industry. For more details, please visit www.enefinder.com.

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Salient Features of ENEFINDER:

  • Exclusive and Focused platform for electrical and electronics products, parts and components
  • Over 90% of members and visitors to ENEFINDER are from this field.
  • Membership of ENEFINDER is free with exclusive membership benefits.
  • A Member can upload his products/services for free, can surf and contact other suppliers, can upload his jobs/vacancies, can upload his RFQs/Tenders, read latest news in related field, read and submit technical articles, make technical comparison of products,
  • Invite friends, make groups and business networking
  • Use Excess/Surplus Inventory tool for disposal of surplus stocks
  • Can use this platform for brand promotion and product promotion
  • Can get information on important events, exhibitions and conferences around the world