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Stocks & Inventory Management Software

Seagull-Inventory is the Inventory Management software which is a section already into our Seagull-BillMaster (Billing) as well as in Seagull-Enterprise (ERP). From our existing Billing & Inventory Management software (Seagull-BillMaster), we reduce some sections and provide only function of Inventory Management. Basic features will be on following lines:

1.Employee Master – to record all Users with their details and Username-Passwords
2.Material Master – for adding information of all material (Product group name, product    name, model name, specifications, price) including Barcode.
3.Material Input – to provide for uploading stocks (a) bulk quantities by excel sheet or (b) manually individual items
4.Material Issue – to provide for Issue of stocks (a) bulk quantities by excel sheet or (b) manually individual items
5.Inventory/Stock list – to show available stock with filters – product group-wise, age-wise, bin/location-wise,    department-wise, with value
6.Reports - stock report, Inward quantity report, Issued quantities report. All reports can be exported to Excel file for    printing or other use.
7.Barcode - Material records and data-entry will be compatible for using Barcode scanner.

The software will be web-based, suitable for multi-users and will be hosted on Customer’s server. For hosting, we will need Windows based hosting space, and a sub-domain name. Every user will have Username and Password and they can access the software from anywhere where a computer with internet is available.

There will be a Material Master, where all material details (product name, model name, specifications, quantity and price) will be recorded. There will be a provision for adding new material as and when required. With the help of this Material Master as reference, new incoming material will be entered into stock, and also material will be issued from this stock to show balance stock with its cost. Customer will be able to get stock report and material consumption reports for selected period. These can be exported to Excel file for any further analysis.

System requirements:

Windows platform with ASP.Net support version 3.5 or higher
Microsoft IIS 7.0 or higher, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 or higher
Space Requirement :(a) For software: 100 MB Minimum. (b) For database: 100 MB Minimum

To try this software for one week free of cost and without any obligation, please proceed with below tab. You will need to create your account to get a user name and password. You can then log in with these details and create your various records and masters and check the various features.

Prices information

Package Module Name Prices
Inventory Management SoftwareSeagull – Inventory 24,750 450

Prices for Add-on Features

Additional Features Details Prices
Multi-CompanyCompany Master to add more companies 5,000 75
Email AlertsGenerate Email Alerts of Additions/Changes 5,000 75
Set Up & HostingSet up, Configuration & Hosting Services 3,250 50


1. Prices in Indian Rupees (INR) are basic prices.
2. Prices mentioned in US Dollars (USD) are indicative and will vary as per exchange rate on the date of transaction.
3. Prices are for the software to be installed on your hosting space.
4. Charges for sub-domain name and hosting space rental are to your account.
5. Charges extra for multi-company operations and for multi-locations of stock
6. Set-up and installation charges are extra.
7. Taxes extra as applicable.
8. Prices are subject to change.