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Seagull ERP heading Seagull ERP

Seagull ERP Solutions

Any business process is already complicated. Bigger the business, more are the complications. Various processes flow from one point to another in following manner:

ERP Process

Business process automation through softwares not only adds accuracy, speed and efficiency, but also eliminates possibilities of human errors. This automation is coined as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), where all resources of a business are defined and linked together with specific processes and planning.

Seagull-Enterprise is a ERP software solution that is much flexible, user-friendly and customized to your business requirements, yet within affordable costing. Seagull-Enterprise is suitable for a manufacturing business, for a trading/agency business, or a service entity. Suitable and required modules are configured for the best operations of the business.

Specialty of Seagull-Enterprise is in its extremely convenient and exhaustive reports. Apart from creating records of the business processes, Seagull-Enterprise provides various reports of each department/division/section as well as overall reports for management.

Function Areas covered:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • HR
  • Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Materials(Purchase & Stores)
  • Finance
  • Customer Support
  • Maintenance
  • Exports
  • Trading
  • Contracting
  • Services

Salient Features:

  • Windows based or web-based
  • Suitable Manufacturing, Trading, Agency & other services
  • Effective Automation of business
  • Accurate, quick and efficient operations
  • User-friendly dashboard, menu bar and formats
  • Select modules as per requirements
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Various Reports for MIS & Analysis
  • Absolutely flexible to match your requirements
  • Customization is feasible
  • Affordable cost
FG Inspection Master

Seagull-Enterprise covers following functions and processes of any business.

A.Sales/Marketing/Customer Support
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Management
Sales Management
Dealer Management
Service Management
Exports Management
B.Design & Development
Product Developments
Product Improvements

Production Management
Quality Management
Product Data Management / Inventory Management
Stores/Warehouse Management
Project Management
Maintenance Management
Financial Assets/
Performance Management
Financial View
Business Performance View
Financial Accounting
Fixed Asset Management

Human Capital Management
Factory/office Establishment issues
Statutory / Regulatory requirements
Supply Chain Management
Supplier Relationship Management

G.Quality Assurance
Raw Material Quality Assurance
Finished Goods Quality Assurance
Enterprise Performance Management
Business Website
Seagull - Advantage
ERP solution software presented by Seagull offers following excellent advantages:
  • User-friendly dashboard & easy navigation.
  • Complete and automated business process flow.
  • Multi Company/ Multi Currency
  • Modular Based Application
  • Import of Masters & Export of Reports
 Department Master

Pricing for ERP shall depend on your requirements of function blocks. Hence, we would like to have your enquiry with your business details and expectations from ERP solutions. We can then work out a suitable offer for you.

Prices information

Package Module Name Prices
Billing, Inventory, Orders (Multi Company) SoftwareSeagull – Mini ERP 85,500 1450
Seagull-Enterprise as Complete ERP with additional functionsSeagull – ERP To be advised


1. Prices in Indian Rupees (INR) are basic prices.
2. Prices mentioned in US Dollars (USD) are indicative and will vary as per exchange rate on the date of transaction.
3. Prices are for the software to be installed on your hosting space.
4. Charges for sub-domain name and hosting space rental are to your account.
5. Charges extra for multi-company operations and for multi-locations of stock
6. Set-up and installation charges are extra.
7. Taxes extra as applicable.
8. Prices are subject to change.